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About Us

Entrepreneur Nation was founded in 2014 to begin a sustainable and scalable self-help initiative for remediating (addressing) gross and debilitating disparities in underserved Black communities. These inequities, driven primarily by centuries of economic devastation, cut a wide path of inextricably intertwined devastation through health, education, jobs and employment, justice and individual and community well-being.

Our nonprofit is unalterably committed to a vision/mission of “Changing Lives and Building Community by Applying the Practices and Principles of Entrepreneurship”. EN Strategy is built on a robust Digital Communications Platform fostering lifelong, Education and mandatory, Collaboration which inspires continuous, Innovation.

To us at Entrepreneur Nation, it’s our Algorithm that will bring about change “where we learn, where we live, where we work, where we play and where we pray.” Layered upon an evolving dynamic technology platform, and specific in our targeted demographic, we present a Fourth Industrial Revolution-Twenty-First Century Collaborative model for Individual, Community, National, and Global change. It’s inclusive and everybody wins. JOIN US, HELP US, DONATE!

What We Offer?

Technology-Driven Resources for Local and Remote Collaboration

The mission of Entrepreneur Nation is to provide training and education in entrepreneurial thinking and to provide supportive services in the realization of entrepreneurial objectives for “under-served and under-utilized populations”.

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Benefits of AFFLILATE Membership
  • The Digital Classroom
  • Learning Development Adventures
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Development (After School Programs – i.e. “Coding” skill development)



Benefits of BASIC Membership
  • Entrepreneurial Center Facilities Access
  • Online Meeting Access
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Development



Benefits of PRO Membership
  • “Basic Membership Benefits”
  • Private Office Access



Benefits of BLACK DIAMOND Membership
  • “Pro Membership Benefits”
  • Discounted Podcasting Access
  • Member Value Services Fund Access
  • “Affinity Destinations”